Task Force 1: Natural and Geological Wealth

Title:Impact of Geological Resources on Himalayan Ecosystem


Indian Himalayan region (IHR) represents a geologically fragile, vulnerable and ecologically sensitive zone. This region is prone for the impacts of global climate changes on natural resources. The natural geological wealth/ resources include water (glaciers, rivers, lakes and groundwater) and localized mines, which play important role in maintaining the sustainability of the Himalayan Ecosystem. The landslides are also important factor which affect the Himalayan ecosystem. The various phenomena and natural processes associated with Himalayan eco-system are interrelated and manifested in an interdisciplinary manner.


  • Establishment of database and information system about Himalayan glaciers, lakes, groundwater, and mineral resources to facilitate policy decision about the sustainable development of Himalayan ecosystem taking into account the work of existing knowledge
  • Generation of possible required data to fill the gaps in the information system about      glaciers, lakes, groundwater and mineral resources
  • Integration of available information about glaciers- climate and lakes, groundwater-climate land use/land cover population and hydrological data and state of the art models.
  • Preparation of database for Himalayan lakes and wetlands for their environmental degradation and sustainability
  • Study changes in glacier and snow cover and ground water availability (spring discharges) under various climate change scenarios and to analyse consequential impacts on net water availability in particular on changes in snow and glacier melting  and changed spatio-temporal monsoon patterns. 
  • Assessment of the impact of minerals and mining on society and land degradation


Coordinating Institute

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun


Collaborating Institutes


Task Force Coordinators

Dr. S.K. Bartarya
Scientist ‘F’ 
Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology
Phone: 0135-2525404, 9411314341
email: skbartarya@wihg.res.in