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Jammu and Kashmir Climate Change Centre

The Jammu and Kashmir Climate Change Centre acts as a multi-stakeholder platform and coordinates with line departments on various missions. The centre aims to strengthen its capacity as a single window repository of climate change. Information collected through robust MIS from nodal departments across the state of J&K, will be used for assessment of the weather variability and projection. The data information will help in regular updating of the knowledge base on local climate issues and develop or revise models through collaborative networks developed with specialised research and climate analytics agencies. The centre is expected from this proposal to build human capacity, generate additional resources for the state and facilitate interfacing with national and international agencies to reduce vulnerability of the state, preserving the ecosystem and enhancing resilience.

In order to achieve the objectives of NAPCC and link state’s initiative for climate proofing life and livelihood of vulnerable section of society, Government of Jammu and Kashmir constituted the J&K State Council on Climate Change on 25th of April 2011. The State Council on Climate Change is a three tier structure comprising of Governing Council headed by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Executive Council headed by the Chief Secretary and Expert Committee headed by the Director, Environment & Remote Sensing.

The first meeting of the Expert Committee held on 9th August 2011 drew the road map of the SAPCC.

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Jammu and Kashmir State Action Plan on Climate Change

The main objective of Jammu and Kashmir State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC J&K) is to strategize adaptation and mitigation initiative towards emission stabilization and enhancement of ecosystem resilience, climate proofing of the livelihood sector and diversification of dependency on the natural resources. Considering the issues related to the impacts of climate change on the ecologically sensitive as well as economically important sectors, ten missions specific to the state were identified along with corresponding ten working groups and sanctioned by the Government. These ten missions are:

  • Energy - Solar Mission and Renewable Energy
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency
  • Water
  • Sustainable Habitat
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Sustainable Himalayan Ecosystem
  • Health
  • Disaster Management
  • Strategic Knowledge Mission
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